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IND-Others/4165- Cheated on my gf.. She doesn't know till date..


Saturday, December 12, 2015

I have a beautiful, super hot gf. I am a decent guy myself. It was in a friend's house that me and this girl i was mentally admiring for some time were alone for some time. My friends went out to buy food and we were left alone.. We talked a bit, I wasn't trying to be friendly at all.. I looked, talked, and made expressions all suggesting that I was horny and aroused by her.
She got that hint for sure.. I placed my hand on her shoulder or knee intentionally and she won't mind.. Slowly I started improving my grip and my hands wandered in the forbidden areas.. Even she was aroused. We both knew what was next and there was little time before our friends would arrive..
I took her to the main bedroom.. We got partially naked, we had foreplay, lot of oral sex, i wanted to bang her in her ass but she refused. (i didn't hav condom so vaginal sex was not an option).. We played some more.. It was hot. We got totally nude, ravished each other. She gave a an amazing head! After 30 minutes or so, we quickly dressed back and our friends came 5-10 minutes later. We smile and winked at each other all the time. My dick was still hard..
Even today thinking about that incident makes me hard (Obviously my dick is rock hard even right now LOL).. So that happened..
I love my gf and we hav had our fair share of intimacy but this thing somehow happened and I regret that sometimes. I should hav been faithful, I will never tell her about this, it's a secret that will die with me.
But one thing is for sure, the guilt I got from this incident has made me more loyal.. I have had even better encounters and chances, but I managed to control myself.
It's like one accident makes you safe ahead. I will take this as a mistake (a very hot one) and will never repeat this..
This is anonymous. If my gf ever ends up reading this.. "Baby I love you more than anything in this universe. I will never make any such mistakes and will always keep you happy" :)

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