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IND-Infosys Te/38- I m an ExInfosion (female). I was in mng sez and had never been to Hyd sez..

Infosys Technologies Limited

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"I m an ExInfosion (female). I was in mng sez and had never been to Hyd sez.. I m confessing here coz I couldn't find any confession page of mangalore infosys.
The story goes like this....Those were the days when I had just got transferred to mng . Since I was on bench and had nothing to do, most of the time I slept in my cubicle. Because of some bloody bugging mother ....I shifted my afternoon nap to a very deserted cubicle ( which I had found out by chance) on another floor of the same building. One day in between my nap I felt to pee. I walked towards the restroom turned right(as it was on the right side on my floor) and opened the door .I felt like the whole restroom was re innovated.. Then I saw a man standing and facing towards the wall.For a moment my reflex action had stopped responding and as I gained my senses back I realized that he was peeing. I rushed out of the toilet ran to the elevator and went to my cubicle. I couldn't believe that I had stepped into mens restroom. I slapped at myself for being so stupid.
I was sure that, that person dint see my face but doubted that he saw my backside. Since I couldn't give a chance I never wore that salwar at office again . Until now only me and God know this ( that's what I believe)

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