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IND-Infosys Te/37- Me and my bf had decided during college

Infosys Technologies Limited

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Me and my bf had decided during college ,not to go for physical relationship until we get married.(We recently got married) .We, at the max, kissed each other or hugged and that was enough. It's always a matter of debate as to wether physical relation b4 mrg is ok or not. I am not judging ppl by this, just giving an opinion. Even when u r sure ,u think twice b4 being physical. For those who are not even sure their relationship will last for an year, sleeping with each other is like prostitution.(yes there r ppl who r not serious n still go intimate this way). To all such ppl, i wanna say it's not always a virtue to be cool by doing such things. Give urself to someone who respect ur soul more than ur body. It's a wonderful feeling to be someone's ONLY , n have someone as ur ONLY 1!!!Now u cn shoot ur expert comments...

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