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IND-Infosys Te/33- I felt sorry about it.. But the softness remains in my mind.

Infosys Technologies Limited

Saturday, September 21, 2013

"I felt sorry about it.. But the softness remains in my mind.

Today evening I was waiting for train at paranur station. Usually I will catch the first class near the steps. First class may come before or after ladies coach. I was waiting after ladies coach... Train came.... After the coach came near to me, I found that first class is not after ladies coach, But its before. Suddenly I turned back and started to run towards opposite direction. That moment..., I though a boy is blocking my way. I was about to hit directly. I said sorry and held his arms above elbow to move him and run to catch the coach. When I touched, when I held, I realized that It was a girl not boy. I felt very bad and asked 3 to 4 sorry again and got into the train. I didn't turn back and see the girl.

Really I felt sorry, But the softness of the skin remains in my mind." (Guy)

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