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IND-IIT Roorke/4163- "My Super One Sided Love"

IIT Roorkee Roorkee

Monday, June 23, 2014

I have always been attracted towards my neighbor's daughter. I realized that I love her when I was in 11th standard. This screwed up my preparation for JEE. I used to wait at my window just to get a glimpse of her. Soon her mother realized that I was stalking her. She kept a strict watch on me and frowned whenever she saw me. Then I watched her through a slit at the corner of the window so as to avoid being caught by her mother and grandmother. Yes you heard it right, her grandmother also kept a watch on me. Sometimes when she (the girl) saw me watching her she used to feel irritated. This broke me down. Actually I was an idiot who believed that a girl like her is within reach. I didn't had the courage to confess to her because of the fear of the "chaar log" who would look down on my parents just because of me. I was always considered as an ideal son. So it is really hard for me to shatter that stereotype. It would have came as a shock for my parents if they heard about this. So till this date I have not confessed my feelings to her (about 4 years). I tried to forget her but it doesn't seems to be an option.

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