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IND-IIT Kharag/4153- I was sitting behind my crush in a class test.

IIT Kharagpur Kharagpur

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We have this class with Phd scholars. So I was sitting behind my crush in a class test. She's a gr8 girl - very intelligent,studious & fairly good looking. We are good friends and so i told her to help me cheat the test. The guy who was sitting beside her was my classmate aswell. Now dis guy is a total GMAT( Gaand mein apaar tension) when it comes to studies. Plus he is lab mate with my crush. So he intentionally keeps on bugging her everytime . So he was continuing the same behaviour durin the test and I couldn copy properly. When the test finished I was like " why didn you help me out?" to my girl and she was like "Fuck off, bhaad mein jaaa" . I totally lost it but didn show it in front of her and quietly left. From the next day, she started ignoring me. Whenever I looked at her in order to start a conversation she intentionally ignored me. She totally shut me down. I was so pissed man. I wanted to sort out the scuffle but she started giving me "the attitudal middle finger". Back in my UG years I always set aside my ego and went ahead and sorted things out. Not anymore. I decided I wouldnt talk to her until she herself came and made up for her behaviour. So I also started wat the girls say"BITCH MODE" . This went on for a month. Den one my classmates, who happens to be a girl, asked me dat Y wasnt I talkin to her. I told her ,my whole life I have been acting at the whims of people who never cared enough for me and treated me like shit. I wouldnt accept such behaviour anymore. If she wants to talk to me she should come herself, I aint goin to her. Not this time . The next day after class as I was walkin to the bicycle stand, my crush comes up from behind and ruffles my hair (P.S. I have long curly hair, like a lions mane :D) and talks to me to cut the drama. She admits her fault and I smile at her and pour my heart out . The rest as they say is history. #PGstudent #IITKgp P.S. Now I have to give treat to both my crush and my friend who helped me sort our scuffle.

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