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IND-IIT Kharag/4138- The day i saw you, I found u extremely cute

IIT Kharagpur Kharagpur

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The day i saw you, I found u extremely cute, the way you talked to people has made a special place in my heart. Since then i have have been a regular visitor of your profile, i had send u a friend request on fb but you did'nt accepted it. I must say that in whole of mine stay at IITKGP, I have never fallen for any girl except you, u seem very innocent.. infact it was your innocence which took away my breadth the moment i saw you. i am very good at judging people at the first glance and i must say ur souls seems very pure.. in short seedhi saadhi cute gal.. i dont know u as such but i am pretty sure that u do not get into relationships very easily.. and once u get into one.. u will be very loyal.. I must tell u that u seems to be a girl whom u can introduce to your mother. I dont know its love or not but i only want good things happen to you. I could only wish that in the near future i could get a chance to interact with you (obviously to try my luck).. even if i dont.. then please pray to god that i get some companion who is just like you. God Bless you ! An IITKGP passout with a part still in KGP Aur haan congrats for your internship

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