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IND-IIT Guwaha/4136- Attractions, love, breakup, not being able to express liking

IIT Guwahati Guwahati

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Attractions, love, breakup, not being able to express liking, grades, pro or anti reservations, hate admin, hate profs and what not? I'd seen these and got fed up with them that I never tell anybody that I belong to an IIT. Even if the other person doesn't know much and didn't have an exposure to think in a different way which people call being intelligent, it doesn't matter when you really find the value of people. After living a life of seclusion after graduating, I now understand what people have been missing in the campus in the race for placement or security. Everything in the world is valuable. I saw a kid experiment and make some little innovation which already existed. But there's thinking involved and there's celebration and happiness too! Why not we accept somethings and change what has to be changed rather than confessing secretly? Hate reservations? Tell why. There's no mistake in using an opportunity to uplift one's community. Or support them? If you belong to a better placed family, better don't opt for it or if you come in with it, forget and involve the subject. Tell the ones you like that you like them. Be it your best friend and you are afraid of losing the relation. Whatever their minds are, they have been your best friends and you can always convince them to be with you as friends if you can speak your heart out and don't freak out with non-sense in mind. Interact with the profs. They've been so conditioned in such a similar system of publishing or perishing that they had to become so hard. Why do we need to worry when we can change with a calm mind?

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