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IND-IIT Delhi /4148- let this damn guy know that there are opposite sex around you in the campus...

IIT Delhi New Delhi

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I just want to confess and let this damn guy know that there are opposite sex around you in the campus.....there is an attraction towards them (P.S;- if you are not a "GAY").
Or becoming a Research Scholar makes you to live a "GAY"
I saw this guy for the first time in the practice of the play "RAAVANLEELA", when i used to accompany my friends for dance at diro's looby. I wanted to talk to him but he never gave any response to me. Finally i decided to talk to him on the BRCA night but he was very busy and tensed. I thought that this is not the right moment to talk to him so did not disturbed him.
Unfortunately none my friends knows anything about him, but i heard that he was a "Research Scholar", I saw him 2 days back with a girl near Kailash hostel. I felt very broken up from deep inside of my heart and was not even able to perform well in my minors.
I just want to say to this guy that i love him a lot, please accept my friend request on fb.
I have also sent you my number please call me once.......waiting eagerly for your call.

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