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IND-IIT Delhi /4142- We met during the coffee in the canteen.

IIT Delhi New Delhi

Monday, September 9, 2013

We met during the coffee in the canteen. Not love at first sight but this man was a total charmer. We started meeting and soon there developed a connection. I loved him and I guess he loved me too. I could see that in his eyes. The feeling when you know this is right. Then I left and yes, like in every long distance relation, calls got less, feelings got dissolved. I called him many times but there was just no time with him. I really felt as if I was just a nice girl for only the time I was there was with him in IIT and he did not want to keep a connection with me. When ever I talked, it was only a buddy talk. No more I love you, miss you. I felt we were only friends now. Anyways, I met a guy here then and we dated for some time. He is french and we got along well. Once I was sitting with him watching a movie. He was holding my hand and then all went wrong. All I could think was that man I spent a lot of time in IIT. His kiss, his talks, his voice. I could not hold my tears just could not and realised that he was and still is the man of my life. I can not think of sharing my soul with another man so I confessed it to this french guy, asked sorry if he could forgive me if I hurt him but I won't be able to give away fake love. He was a gentleman to respect my feelings and let me go.
So here it is. I told all of this to this guy and he simply said we should part our ways. I love him. Why could he not say that he love me., that I am his girl. Crying in shower and seeing my friends having the man they love breaks me. I just want to say that still you are the man of my life, still I think about you before I sleep, when ever I see a girl with her guy, when ever some one says she is in love. Maybe honesty is not always good.

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