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IND-IIT Bombay/4147- I would like to share one of the biggest incident of my life

IIT Bombay Mumbai

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I would like to share one of the biggest incident of my here it goes:It was 7th april 2013(around 1 a.m),i boarded on a train from my hometown to agra for my jee mains exam(dont knw why i choosed agra as a centre instead of my hometown),the train reached agra at 4,then i went to waiting room revised some hard topics& reached my centre at 7,gave my went awesome,i came back home.checked my answers with fiitjee and reso key & was very happy after calculating my marks(the expected ones!).after few days i left for kota &reached there on 15th april for my preparation for jee advance,but my determination of cracking iit was almost lost due to my jee mains score,about 10-12 days pasted but i didnt studied much.on 25th was one of my exam of a private insti(again dont know why i filled its form coz this was among one of those exams i had cracked previous year),so i didnt prepared much for it nor revised the topics,,the exam centre was in kota.I gave the exam ,to my surprise i found the exam hard(although it was easy) but i was chilled coz i was overconfident that i m an IIT guy so i dont need to prepare for such low standard exam.days were passing but i was not studying with full dedication,then came 5th may,the result date of that third grade private university was announced,though i knew that my rank would lie around 5k but it was near 50k, i was shocked(though the university takes students through management quota & the rank which are published are not authentic for sure,but still they could not extend my rank to 50k if my exam would have gone well)i screwed my exam.I cried and cried,cursed me why i took drop( i was getting a very good collg in delhi which comes next in ranking aftet iit delhi in delhi but took drop just for the sake of IIT & now was in a dilemma that if my rank is 50k in such low level exam then what would be my condition in jee advance),then after 2-3 hours of crying i thought of a suicide( told my parents about the result),was going to a nearby railway station but then my cell phone vibrated(it was a message from, my mom which goes like this:"Beta you are the most precious thing in our life,even if u will not clear IIT we are proud of having u as our son).that message boosted my confidence, i came back to my room (my freind was there who also cheered me up and supported me),next day on 6th i packed my bag,boarded on a train & reached new delhi.I was dedicated and determined like never before,, i joined fiitjee one month course,prepared hard,didnt slept for nights to compensate for the precious one month which i wasted & then came 2nd june (the centre was my hometown :P) the day which i waited for ,it was jee advance exam day,the exam went well,though i could have performed better if i had not wasted that one month,but i was satisfied with myself,then on 21st june the result of IIT was announced ,i was very eager for the result..around 5p.m the results were published & i cleared jee with flying colours rank was within 1k, could have easily got air<300 had i not wasted that month) still i was happy,I cleared bitsat got cse at bits pilani and iiit hyderabad(the two prestigious cllg) but finally took IIT bombay ,the best insti in my point is dont waste ur life,,life ur life make it large(recently read about the increasing suicide cases due to peer pressure),there is god coz there was no reason why i filled that third grade university form ,had i not filled it and gave the exam my dream of going into iit would have shattered P.S: THANKS TO MY FREIND FOR HIS SUPPORT,BUT HE WAS ALSO DOING THE SAME THING WHICH I WAS DOING BUT HE DIDNT GAVE THAT EXAM SO HE DIDNT REALISED TILL THE END

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