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IND-IIT Bombay/4102- After my graduation a few years back, i decided to leave India for graduate studies

IIT Bombay Mumbai

Saturday, July 20, 2013

IIT v/s IIT - I am an alumni from one of the old IITs. After my graduation a few years back, i decided to leave India for graduate studies, leaving behind my best friend and girl friend of 10 yrs in India. Staying away was one of the most challenging phases of our relationship. During this phase, she was the most vulnerable, emotionally deprived and lonely. I encouraged her to make friends around, when she became friends with another IIT/IIM guy. I never minded her guy friends, nor did i care then but rather was happy that she is making new friends. This asshole guy, who has never had a girlfriend before decided to take advantage of her vulnerability. After one major fight between me and my GF in which we decided to "break-up" over phone, he sensed a right opportunity to take advantage of her emotional state and proposed her within a day...bringing his entire family into picture. He was such an asshole that he didnt care for our 10 yr relationship for his personal desperation. I tried to get my best friend back, i wasn't prepared to let go on a childhood friend but this insecure bastard kept on involving his family one way or the other to make sure she doesnt leave him. I watched them in their relationship...from their first date, first kiss and i even knew when they slept with each other. I was continuously mind-fucked for over a year knowing all that , and i still shake thinking about those days. I stopped talking to her eventually and now i get nightmares every night about what i have lost. My ex-GF and the guy will eventually marry, i wont come back to India till they are married. And i have promised to myself, i will screw each and every person who tries to take advantage of vulnerable girls/guys in a relationship. Whatever happened to me because of one desperate intelligent asshole (yes all IIT/IIM graduates without gals yet!), wont happen to anyone else. And I have a one point agenda for the next decade - Fuck that one opportunist bastard who took away so much from me. I am coming back after u dude, with all i have got. PS: Yes, your GF was giving me BJs in hotel rooms when i last came to India inspite of she being "committed" to you (you dont know this because you wont be able to take so much shame!) PPS: When you tell your kids "How i met your mother" - Tell them - i had an OBC quota, which taught me not to play by rules inspite of being from a well-off family. Thats how i got inside IIT/IIM/"Your mother".

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