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IND-IIT Bombay/4033- Getting into IIT is now matter of hardwork,and only hard work.

IIT Bombay Mumbai

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getting into IIT is now matter of hardwork,and only hard work.The coaching classes have spoiled the true fun of JEE which was about some years ago when only intelligent and creative people thought of clearing JEE.But now even some dumb students don't know basics are clearing IIT entrance with the mercy of coaching classes and their hard work for sure,for which they are respected.But some students who are really creative and have deep affection for beautiful subjects like Physics and Maths are missing important seats in IIT , just because of minor calculation misatke during exams and shear competition.However I will appeal to all new generation of IITians to fully utilize and enjoy the opportunity they have got. Getting a girlfriend/boyfriend and trying to loose loose virginity is not that important as your career,even dogs and cockroaches have sex everyday.Don't lick so much ass of the Western culture,be proud to be an Indian and IITian. Wish all the IITians and non-IITians a good prosperous life full of problems and their solutions....

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