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IND-IIT Bombay/4025- I am someone who doesn't really belong to IIT-B.

IIT Bombay Mumbai

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am someone who doesn't really belong to IIT-B.. I was in Bombay, facing a tough time with no proper food or shelter, when I met this friend of mine.He helped me with all needs till the time I could afford a good job.Remembering the days we spent together in his cozy hostel room makes me feel happiest ever.Though he says I am just his best friend, I confess to have fallen in love with him. He is a Matka guy from Aero-2014 batch ... Hostel-7... ###Message : To The Guy who changed my life, I do not know what you feel for me, but ''bachche'' you are my 'kryptonite'... ##Reminders along the memory lane: We walked along the lake throughout the day, the nights ran too fast,staring at each other..sitting on top of the SJMSOM-building.... Trolling with your hand in the football court...behind the swimming pool.... There is no darn wrong in our love. Why don't you say it. PR ...I just mean to say that PR I LOVE YOU !!! your best friend A____ C___

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