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IND-Accenture /40- This is for unprofessional Leads who always try to screw people

Accenture Noida

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This is for unprofessional Leads who always try to screw people they personally don't like. I have been in Accy for last two years and sadly I think that these few stupid and narrow minded people are spoiling Accy's name. Yes, Accy is a very good place to work for but we can make it even more better. Why there are so may cases in the pictures where people got screwed in Ratings no matter they have performed exceptionally well in there past performance period? Why this is not clear to Management that after all we all work for Accenture? Why there are discriminations between a high performer who is taking roll off and a poor performer who is continuing with the project? I am not denying that in some projects people are not getting treated as per above criteria but yes, most of the projects are following the same path and no matter what, Roll off is impacting a person's career. I appeal to all the leads who are reading this 'While judging a person's performance do judge the same because Accenture has given a huge responsibility in your hand and you are no one to play with any one's career. You are getting hike because Accenture is doing good. Accenture is doing good because some where in some facility high performers are performing high'. if you are not able to understand this simple message do consider your self for Management trainings'.

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