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IND-Accenture /28- I'm going through a rough patch in my personal life from past years

Accenture Noida

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm going through a rough patch in my personal life from past years. Unhappy Parents, pain in the ass Girlfriend, untrusted friends, every thing just wrong.... I have been handling all that pretty well, but recently something changed. The continuous taunts and disrespect shown to me by my Leads and Leadership at work won't let me sleep at night, and here i am writing this confession past 1'o clock at Night. What troubles me most is that all this is happening because 2 years ago i questioned them on some stupid decisions they were about to take and also pointed out the disrespectful way in which the seniors used to talk to all the Juniors and asked them to change it. I have been in this company long enough to know that there is no point talking to anyone and i have completely lost trust on Accenture's leadership. The phrases like "Respect for Individual", "Work life Balance" are just tossed on mass emails and conferences, they just understand profits, for them you are first a resource then a human. I thought that when i'll open my own company, i would not outsource my IT to Accenture, but now i have made up my mind to do it, become their Diamond Client and then rape their peace of mind. They only listen to you when there is money involved, so be it... Other way is to wait for the day till its legal to shoot stupid and annoying people.

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