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IND-IIT Roorke/4164I want to change my sorry self
IND-IIT Roorke/4163"My Super One Sided Love"
IND-IIT Roorke/4160In one of my lab an M.Tech girl was T.A and she was really hot.
IND-IIT Roorke/4159Been a senator once. Now i feel that politics sucks!
IND-IIT Roorke/4157She's the coolest girl I've ever met and she has every quality I want in a girl
IND-IIT Roorke/4149I knew I wasn't totally right like everyone else.
IND-IIT Roorke/4120my love
IND-IIT Roorke/4109I am seriously fed up of all the dumb meets at our college.
IND-IIT Roorke/4103I belong to a lower-middle class family from a small village
IND-IIT Roorke/4075actually i was just a cheerful happy bubbly girl... l
IND-IIT Roorke/4038When i was in 9th class a friend of mine told me "gawaar"
IND-IIT Roorke/4035I've never said this before but really you have been the single most supportive person in my life.
IND-IIT Roorke/4026 I've always wanted idols to follow in my life
IND-IIT Roorke/4014I had final project presentation at 4 p.m
IND-IIT Roorke/4009My room mate has been talking to a girl here since an year
IND-IIT Roorke/3923Aaj har ek shaks mein apna dost nazar aa rha hai...
IND-IIT Roorke/3865When I go down the memory lane four years back
IND-IIT Roorke/3824It is my request to all of you dont cheat.......
IND-IIT Roorke/3473you looked super ravishing in the party in that rosy attire.
IND-IIT Roorke/3472From your very first day in IIT Roorkee, I have fallen in love with you
IND-IIT Roorke/3443 I am a very superstitious guy...
IND-IIT Roorke/3442Well, it was during this end sem exam
IND-IIT Roorke/3437One of my classmates and I had exchanged our rooms
IND-IIT Roorke/3202There will soon be Assembly elections in my native state.
IND-IIT Roorke/3194Sankhla and the girly gang, your group is really a nice group
IND-IIT Roorke/3190Our fantastic college life is going to end in the next two weeks.......
IND-IIT Roorke/3187This one is for not only the best but the most good natured photographeR
IND-IIT Roorke/3184It is my last year in college
IND-IIT Roorke/3180Today, seriously I lost my faith in humanity.
IND-IIT Roorke/3177You are Good natured and very sweet

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