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IND-IIT Madras/4135 I met a guy about 3 months back in the campus.
IND-IIT Madras/4122People heading off to universities abroad......
IND-IIT Madras/4121This is for my friend he needs your suggestions
IND-IIT Madras/3935 it was years ago i brought my girl friend to my room....
IND-IIT Madras/3914It hurt so much and it still hurts! I lost one of the two most important women of my life!
IND-IIT Madras/3913One fine day, i started cleaning my room
IND-IIT Madras/3910That was the first day of my Quiz-2 week
IND-IIT Madras/3909I hated my initial days at the IIT. I knew no one here and I felt out of place
IND-IIT Madras/3907I am so very pissed of Gurunath stores that I have stolen items.....
IND-IIT Madras/3906i was a students' representative in my 3 rd year
IND-IIT Madras/3465i m in relation frm abt 2 years...
IND-IIT Madras/3464I'm a good guy, desired and many girls like me
IND-IIT Madras/3454Ever wondered why we the way we are?
IND-IIT Madras/3452This is my apology to a person....
IND-IIT Madras/3448I just want to share one of ma most painful moments in lyf..
IND-IIT Madras/3445I'm a third year. I haven't known many girls in my life.
IND-IIT Madras/2787Important
IND-IIT Madras/2628I still regret my decision :( ;(
IIT Madras/2503 My roommate often has phone sex with his girlfriend
IIT Madras/2502Putting a branch Change is lot easier than getting a Girl friend
IIT Madras/2494I am just appalled at the lack of awareness
IIT Madras/2485He was t-shirt sales co-ord in ....
IIT Madras/2444I and my close friend (girl) went to Marina beach
IIT Madras/2443"I confess that i am too scared for everything
IIT Madras/2442an interesting thing about Brahmaputra hostel....
IIT Madras/2415Good Bye TextBooks
IIT Madras/2404msatubating in public
IIT Madras/2030I did not have a computer or a laptop
IIT Madras/1938i once had a girlfriend from insti
IIT Madras/1884I am a regular weed putter

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