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IND-IIT Bombay/4166I would like to share one of the biggest incident of my life
IND-Others/4165Cheated on my gf.. She doesn't know till date..
IND-IIT Roorke/4164I want to change my sorry self
IND-IIT Roorke/4163"My Super One Sided Love"
IND-IIT Guwaha/4162I really feel lonely
IND-IIT Delhi /4161we first met at the last rendezvous,even though we have a lot of common friends then.
IND-IIT Roorke/4160In one of my lab an M.Tech girl was T.A and she was really hot.
IND-IIT Roorke/4159Been a senator once. Now i feel that politics sucks!
IND-IISc Banga/4158Security women at NGH are useless!
IND-IIT Roorke/4157She's the coolest girl I've ever met and she has every quality I want in a girl
IND-IISc Banga/4156It was quite embarrassing to see IISc students steeling cycles in the nigh
IND-IIT Bombay/4155In my school days gals used to wear skirts
IND-IIT Delhi /4154From the very school days i was a bright yet fun loving person trying to make everyone laugh
IND-IIT Kharag/4153I was sitting behind my crush in a class test.
IND-IIT Bombay/4152Been 2 months, and I am getting attention from chicks here.
IND-IIT Guwaha/4151 Hello Guys and Beauties!!!.... It all happened few days ago ....
IND-IIT Delhi /4150 During my 2year stay in IITD I met a guy, a total charmer.
IND-IIT Roorke/4149I knew I wasn't totally right like everyone else.
IND-IIT Delhi /4148 let this damn guy know that there are opposite sex around you in the campus...
IND-IIT Bombay/4147 I would like to share one of the biggest incident of my life
IND-IIT Kharag/4146 Today she made me feel awesome when i was feeling lonely
IND-IIT Kanpur/4145This one seems to me peculiarly interesting, and its true.
IND-IIT Delhi /4144Had told these three people about taking notes from them a few weeks earlier
IND-IIT Ropar /4143Sharif sa tha jab college main aya
IND-IIT Delhi /4142We met during the coffee in the canteen.
IND-IIT Delhi /4141I am really keen on watching janmashtami celebrations
IND-Malaviya N/4140i always fight with u, but u always made me smile..i always fight with u, but u always made me smile..
IND-IIT Delhi /4139It all happened last day.......So,here it goes!!!!
IND-IIT Kharag/4138The day i saw you, I found u extremely cute
IND-IIT Bombay/4137 i know this girl from my dept and found out that she is dating another guy.

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