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IND-IIT Kharag/4153I was sitting behind my crush in a class test.
IND-IIT Kharag/4146 Today she made me feel awesome when i was feeling lonely
IND-IIT Kharag/4138The day i saw you, I found u extremely cute
IND-IIT Kharag/4107Yesterday during registration,I saw a girl who was wearing black top and spects
IND-IIT Kharag/40841 i never talk to u openly,i could never express myself infront of u
IND-IIT Kharag/40839 day ago one of my school's teacher updated his fb status "emergency!!!
IND-IIT Kharag/4055 5 years ago when shopping malls were introduced in india
IND-IIT Kharag/4037I am a 3rd yr student from IIT Kgp doing my internship in Europe
IND-IIT Kharag/4012 I really dont know when this inculcated in me.
IND-IIT Kharag/4011There was this guy who became tech fest core committee member
IND-IIT Kharag/4010I would like to share the saddest part of my life
IND-IIT Kharag/3543Once I overdosed myself on ganja and lost my consciousness.
IND-IIT Kharag/3451 We first met in CREST function held at SAC.
IND-IIT Kharag/3285 I started to learn Bengali for a Bengali girl
IND-IIT Kharag/3200Just wanted to thank the guy on my train
IND-IIT Kharag/3195You are the most handsome guy from AP
IND-IIT Kharag/3191My roomie is killing me.
IND-IIT Kharag/3185I am jealous of you going around with this girl
IND-IIT Kharag/3178You are so cute
IND-IIT Kharag/3167This to THAT special person who has been attached with my heartbeat
IND-IIT Kharag/2745I know that your branchmates consider you
IND-IIT Kharag/2734 There's this girl in fourth year I really like
IND-IIT Kharag/2700 main apne 1st yr me NSS bakchodi maanta tha...
IND-IIT Kharag/2626Got into IIT for Hot chicks :*
IIT Kharag/2435I cheated her by having affair with some other girl
IIT Kharag/2426I never was attracted to any girl at all in my life!!!!
IIT Kharag/2423who have that someone missing in their lives
IIT Kharag/2034I am a very confused 9 pointer
IIT Kharag/2031turned on both 'intellectually and physically' by intelligent people
IIT Kharag/2029It's not that I want any of your sympathies

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