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IND-IIT Kanpur/4145This one seems to me peculiarly interesting, and its true.
IND-IIT Kanpur/4127Mene hostel main kitani baar chori ki hain ye to mughe khud ko bhi yaad nahi hain
IND-IIT Kanpur/4123I did not start or spread the hype about my college
IND-IIT Kanpur/4106Everyday when I wake up in the morning
IND-IIT Kanpur/4101i was hospitalized for a long tym in IIT..
IND-IIT Kanpur/4096 this happened two years back at IITK antaragini...
IND-IIT Kanpur/4095I am 20, and I am dating a girl since I went to college.
IND-IIT Kanpur/4080During our first year, me and my wingies carried out a weird
IND-IIT Kanpur/4030i want to tell u that like many of the well educated modern men
IND-IIT Kanpur/4020 Gone are those days where a girl and a boy truely loved each other
IND-IIT Kanpur/4017Today I had a big verbal fight with my sister
IND-IIT Kanpur/4007is losing virginity is nowas easy as making friends ?
IND-IIT Kanpur/4005To one of the sweetest person I met
IND-IIT Kanpur/3880My HEART,two years have passed since you left this world behind
IND-IIT Kanpur/3872 I really don't understand why iitians
IND-IIT Kanpur/3863IIT ne mere dreams ko mujhse cheen liya..
IND-IIT Kanpur/3545I saw a couple going inside L-1 at ~2am sometime last year
IND-IIT Kanpur/3256 I dont know what really love is.What is it relly like?
IND-IIT Kanpur/3199I know i've hurt u a lot...
IND-IIT Kanpur/3196i would not like to mention your name
IND-IIT Kanpur/3189We went on a trip to Nainital this January.
IND-IIT Kanpur/3186I wanted to share my feelings for a long time
IND-IIT Kanpur/3179I keep thinking about how much I enjoy talking with you
IND-IIT Kanpur/3170Do you think that feminism is really a relevant idea
IND-IIT Kanpur/3162It all started with some harmless stalking on the tennis court
IND-IIT Kanpur/2757I love a guy blindly n madly..
IND-IIT Kanpur/2704this is for the girl who came to Hall 4
IND-IIT Kanpur/2633Formulae cheat sheet #exam
IND-IIT Kanpur/2619Playing football all d tym
IIT Kanpur/2420Cracking IIT was a historical event in my life !

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