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IND-IIT Bombay/4166I would like to share one of the biggest incident of my life
IND-IIT Bombay/4155In my school days gals used to wear skirts
IND-IIT Bombay/4152Been 2 months, and I am getting attention from chicks here.
IND-IIT Bombay/4147 I would like to share one of the biggest incident of my life
IND-IIT Bombay/4137 i know this girl from my dept and found out that she is dating another guy.
IND-IIT Bombay/4131It has been 10 years since I graduated. I've been in a serious relationship since then
IND-IIT Bombay/4126To all the hopelessly in love couples of IIT-B
IND-IIT Bombay/4116During first year our lectures were in MB large classrooms
IND-IIT Bombay/4115 I have peed in the SAC swimming pool several time
IND-IIT Bombay/4112 There's a thirdie guy & sophie girl who have a very weird....
IND-IIT Bombay/4108When I completed my internships in Germany
IND-IIT Bombay/4102After my graduation a few years back, i decided to leave India for graduate studies
IND-IIT Bombay/4100 I got a friend req frm a random girl of some college from mumbai. ..
IND-IIT Bombay/4097I was a freshie from a small town....
IND-IIT Bombay/4094i went to railway station to give send off to my friend.
IND-IIT Bombay/4093i went to railway station to give send off to my friend.
IND-IIT Bombay/4088 I am a small town girl who came to IITB and met this hotshot
IND-IIT Bombay/4087I specifically like the boobies of my gf's friend
IND-IIT Bombay/4086One hot night during summer vacation, my wingmates and I were .....
IND-IIT Bombay/4085 The laziness of IITB profs is unparalleled!
IND-IIT Bombay/40453 of us get kicks when we run bare-chested in camo pants
IND-IIT Bombay/4044 I recently got dumped by my ex because she says I am boring
IND-IIT Bombay/4041I graduated from IITB a couple of years ago
IND-IIT Bombay/4040 Unlike guys who can only get it off one way
IND-IIT Bombay/4039almost all the girls deep down inside.......
IND-IIT Bombay/4033Getting into IIT is now matter of hardwork,and only hard work.
IND-IIT Bombay/4031India is full of rude and manner-less people
IND-IIT Bombay/4025 I am someone who doesn't really belong to IIT-B.
IND-IIT Bombay/4024You know why I’m jealous of you?
IND-IIT Bombay/4021I want to say that most of the guys in india are so fucking desperate

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