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adfh Jain girls are more in demand nowadays :) RP Singh ne to sahi ball daali thi.. woh to sir jadeja ne pitch ko thoda peeche kar diya, isliye no ball ho gaya :D  #CSK vs RCB, 13 April When boys hold you in their arm and dont let go Mr. Bean Motorcycle Race All deadlines in same week # college :( How hard it made us laugh :D meanwhile at microsoft ... listening music,.. 1990 and 2013 unicord :D what colour would your Lamborghini be :P wnt to bathroom... took 37 photos LMAO :D how my friends think i see without glasses !!! sehwag is best opener # dhawan trolled # chutiya likha hai kya idhar :D Click any link on, no virus risks :P No Login, Live Anon :D  Happy sinpoting :D everytime in public transport I fell in love with stranger Real friends # so true Clarke going home # lost again That moment when u realized ur childhood is over :P Three grest kings :) happened mnany times arbit guessing :P 3 other companies are after me :P samsung has more galaxies :P wher is my porn ? chutiya likha hai idhar :P impossible :X twice of zero is zero Spider woman :P Ginie troled # got something from bill gates :)

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IND-IIT Bombay/4166 | I would like to share one of the biggest incident of my life
IND-Others/4165 | Cheated on my gf.. She doesn't know till date..
IND-IIT Roorke/4164 | I want to change my sorry self
IND-IIT Roorke/4163 | "My Super One Sided Love"
IND-IIT Guwaha/4162 | I really feel lonely
IND-Samsung In/42 | My bf of 2 years cheated.
IND-Samsung In/41 | What i realize in Samsung is ,Korean do not trust on Indians .
IND-Accenture /40 | This is for unprofessional Leads who always try to screw people
IND-Accenture /39 | Acc no doubt is a nice place to work . But few policies do not make it that good
IND-Infosys Te/38 | I m an ExInfosion (female). I was in mng sez and had never been to Hyd sez..
IND-Infosys Te/37 | Me and my bf had decided during college
IND-Infosys Te/36 | jus few mins before saw the accident near Sez campus..
IND-IIT Delhi /4161 | we first met at the last rendezvous,even though we have a lot of common friends then.
IND-Infosys Te/35 | since childhood i hav been seeing my parents fighting.
IND-IIT Roorke/4160 | In one of my lab an M.Tech girl was T.A and she was really hot.
IND-IIT Roorke/4159 | Been a senator once. Now i feel that politics sucks!
IND-Infosys Te/34 | This is for the gal i saw on wednesday and who came to my thoughts
IND-IISc Banga/4158 | Security women at NGH are useless!
IND-Infosys Te/33 | I felt sorry about it.. But the softness remains in my mind.
IND-Infosys Te/32 | I am 3 year experienced guy working in a non IT company
IND-IIT Roorke/4157 | She's the coolest girl I've ever met and she has every quality I want in a girl
IND-IISc Banga/4156 | It was quite embarrassing to see IISc students steeling cycles in the nigh
IND-IIT Bombay/4155 | In my school days gals used to wear skirts
IND-Infosys Te/31 | being a girl it is difficult for me to take the first step
IND-Infosys Te/30 | today i faced an embarassing as well as sweet moment
IND-IIT Delhi /4154 | From the very school days i was a bright yet fun loving person trying to make everyone laugh
IND-Accenture /29 | Well the hot topic is moderation.SO here is my heart out too.
IND-Accenture /28 | I'm going through a rough patch in my personal life from past years
IND-Infosys Te/27 | just bcoz of CREATURES like u all the girls are looked down
IND-IIT Kharag/4153 | I was sitting behind my crush in a class test.
IND-Infosys Te/26 | do you think only you can show attitude?
IND-IIT Bombay/4152 | Been 2 months, and I am getting attention from chicks here.
IND-Tata Consu/25 | im an 2000 batch of tcs...guys dnt be bak of gals or boys..
IND-Infosys Te/24 | we used to swipe in and swipe out everyday just at the gate
IND-IIT Guwaha/4151 | Hello Guys and Beauties!!!.... It all happened few days ago ....
IND-IIT Delhi /4150 | During my 2year stay in IITD I met a guy, a total charmer.
IND-IIT Roorke/4149 | I knew I wasn't totally right like everyone else.
IND-IIT Delhi /4148 | let this damn guy know that there are opposite sex around you in the campus...
IND-IIT Bombay/4147 | I would like to share one of the biggest incident of my life
IND-IIT Kharag/4146 | Today she made me feel awesome when i was feeling lonely


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